World Massage Super Cup

1-3 November 2024, Sibiu, Romania
The World Massage Super Cup competition is mainly intended for international therapists, but also Romanian therapists.
Choose the category or categories you want to participate in and sign up for the most important massage competition in Romania.



(on the massage table)

Specific Techniques:

  • SPA Therapies
    • No Accessories: Lomi-Lomi, Candle Massage
    • With Accessories: Hot Stone Massage, Jade Stone Massage , Herbal Ball Therapy, Bamboo Sticks and Madero-therapy (only for prophylactic, physiological purposes).
    • Bamboo Sticks and Madero-therapy are included in rituals combined with other accessories, having a 20-30% share from the total time.
    • Bamboo Sticks and Madero-therapy cannot be applied 100% as a ritual in this category.
campionatul national de masaj 20221


(on the massage table)

Specific Techniques: It is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, specific techniques from Sport Massage, Passive Stretching.

  • The participant can perform the Passive Stretching techniques in such a way that one foot always remains on the ground. Performing the techniques with both feet on the massage table will deduct points.
  • Participants specializing in Sport Massage can participate in this category


Specific Techniques: all  techniques applied without using cream and oil (free style).

Mode of Application:  working on a special massage chair, work casually dressed.

Accessories can be used (bamboo sticks; maderotherapy; jade stones; etc.). Asian and Western inspired techniques can be combined. Passive stretching can be performed (with the help of the therapist).

campionatul national de masaj 20221
campionatul national de masaj 20221


(on the massage table)

Specific Techniques:

  • Effleurage
  • Friction
  • Petrissage
  • Tapotement
  • Vibration
  • Techniques performed with the bridge of the palm and the forearm with light and moderate intensity
  • Pulling in motion of the lower and upper limbs (15 sec. per limb)
  • Light pulls and stretches (20 sec. per segment)


(on the massage table or massage mat)

Specific Techniques:

  • Thai Massage
  • Shiatsu Therapy
  • Tui Na Therapy
  • Yumeiho Therapy (without the use of chiropractice)
  • Reflexology (Reflexotherapy, Auriculotherapy, Acupressure)
  • Tok Sen Therapy
  • Indian Massage
  • Tibetan Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Polinesian Massage
  • Bamboo Sticks and Maderotherapy with therapeutic purpose
  • Cupping Massage with therapeutic purpose
campionatul national de masaj 20221


(mandatory makeup removal)
  1. Classic Facial Massage
  • with cream / oil / serums / masks

Relaxing, anti-aging effect

! No cosmetic equipment is used. Accessories can be used: bamboo sticks, suction cups, Gua-Sha, facial Maderotherapy, facial rollers, jade mask, etc.

  1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage / with Accesories
  • with or without cream / oil
  • with honey
  • gentle / non- invasive maneuvers.

Accessories can be used: Bamboo Sticks, Cupping, Gua-Sha, Facial Maderotherapy, Facial Rollers, Jade Mask, etc.

  1. Acupressure / Massage on the Inside of the Mouth (mandatory gloves)
  • with or without oil / cream / serums
  • massage inside the mouth – mandatory natural edible products – coconut oil, honey, etc.
  • acupressure on the neck, face, scalp

  1. Ayurvedic / Indian Massage – Marma Points
  • to be made with heated (plant based) oil
  • energetic movements
  • the Kansa wand can be used
  • you can apply a mask with clay or other specific natural ingredients


  1. Application of Techniques

The therapist uses his/her fingers, hands, forearm, elbows, soles, shins, knees. The massage is performed either directly on the floor or on the massage table. Without the use of massage oils.

      2. Techniques

The techniques used in massage are stretching and pulling and pushing actions. The person receiving the massage should wear casual clothing.

Inspirational Nuad Thai. In this competition, it is based on the good health of the one receiving the massage, without endangering his health.

This category is a combination of Nuad Thai with any massage technique performed on the floor or massage table.

       3. Accessories

  • Medicinal plant herbal ball.
  • Tok Sen.
  • Pakaoma.
  • Bamboo Tools, Stones, Coconut Shells etc..


 Freedom for inspiration!

Necessary Documents

Identity card / passport

Diploma certifying competence in massage and/or complementary therapies

A brief description of your training and professional experience in the field of massage.

A portrait picture

Mention of the category/categories in which the person wishes to compete.

We are at your disposal for registrations and more information about the competition!

Participation Fee
Payment Information

Asociația de Masaj și Terapii Complementare



RON Account: RO02INGB0000999909393385

EUR Account:  RO04INGB0000999909734304



With the specification: „world massage super cup registration fee + participant name”





10:00-13:00 – WORKSHOP

  • Khaled Shehada – Faust Hall
  • Luisa Vargas – Turandot Hall


14:00-16:00 – WORKSHOP

  • Jeppe Tengbjerg
  • Kinga Jenei


16:00-16:30 – PROMO

16:40-17:10 – DEMO:

  • Alin Gheorghișor
  • Dejan Jelen
  • Christina Blei


17:20-17:50 – DEMO:

  • Angela Mircu
  • Gligoris Voltis
  • Konstantina Makri


18:00-18:30 – PROMO


18:40-19:10 – DEMO:

  • Luisa Vargas
  • Khaled Shehada
  • Dragoș Ardelean





10:00-10:30 – ROUND I

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair

11:00-11:30 – ROUND II

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair

12:00-12:30 – ROUND III

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair



15:00-15:30 – ROUND I

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair

16:00-16:30 – ROUND II

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair

17:00-17:30 – ROUND III

  • Wellness
  • Facial
  • Freestyle Western
  • Chair





10:00-10:30 – ROUND I

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Beginner
  • Therapeutical

11:00-11:30 – ROUND II

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Beginner
  • Therapeutical

12:00-12:30 – ROUND III

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Beginner
  • Therapeutical



14:00-14:30 – ROUND I

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Nuad-Thai

15:00-15:30 – ROUND II

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Nuad-Thai

16:00-16:30 – ROUND III

  • Swedish
  • Asian
  • Nuad-Thai



18:00-18:30 – CNDM FINALS            

19:00-19:30 – WMSC FINALS

19:30-20:00 – ARTISTIC SHOW


22:30 – PARTY


1. Technical Impression

Definition – It represents the way in which the competitor performs the technique in the context of the category in which he/she competes, as follows:

  • The diversity of the techniques applied within the category is observed and scored.
  • The way in which the competitor respects the purpose of the category in which he/she  competes is observed and scored.
  • The effect of the applied techniques, found at the level of the superficial tissues in relation to the degree of pain resistance of the model is observed and scored.
2. Ergonomics

Definition – It represents a series of features that the therapist has during the application of the techniques, which aim to transmit a state of relaxation and comfort offered to the beneficiary through body language, achieved as follows:

  • The posture of the therapist correlated with the dynamics of the applied techniques.
  • The vitality of the therapist, expressed through gestures and mimicry during the application of the techniques.

Other features, in accordance to ergonomics:

  • The overall attitude of the therapist, which ensures the uniqueness of the applied techniques.
  • Facial expressiveness, which suggests the confidence and ease of application of techniques. 
3. Flow

Definition – Represents the rhythm and fluency of the techniques harmoniously applied by the therapist, ensuring the relaxation of the beneficiary by:

  • Slow rhythm which ample movements and low intensity.
  • Slow rhythm which ample movements and moderate intensity.
  • Alert rhythm with low intensity.
  • Harmonization of the alternation between the slow and alert rhythms.
  • The movement of the therapist from one region to another through a harmonious play of the feet without losing contact with the beneficiary and keeping the rhythm.
  • Maintaining the rhythm when using the accessories.
  • Maintaining the pace when passing from one technique to another in the same category.
  •  Maintaining an appropriate rhythm during the application of stretching techniques relative to the degree of mobility of the beneficiary’s joints.
4. Communication with the beneficiary

Definition – How to have a discussion regarding massage feedback.

  • Contraindications of massage.
  • Indications regarding the massage session in relation to the whishes of the beneficiary.
  • Establishing the degree of resistance of the beneficiary to the intensity of the maneuvers performed.
  • Knowing the history of the recipient’s reaction to the massage.
  • The way in which the contestant protects the intimate areas of the recipient.
  • The way in which the beneficiary must take care when getting off the massage bed, regarding the protection of intimate areas.
  • The way to of having a discussion regarding massage feedback.
5. Ambiental Decor

Definition – It represents the way in which the competitor performs the environmental setting where the massage session takes place during the round to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is done as follows:

  • Adjusting the massage table height.
  • The way of decorating the massage table using specific equipment.
  • The way the competitor decorates the table or chair where the accessories are positioned (if it’s the case)
  • The way the competitor uses chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
  • The way in which the competitor has a proper attire (lightness of work equipment, if it’s clean, well ironed, smelling nice, and personal hygiene.)


1. Improper movement of the competitor around the bed that creates rhythm breaks and the beneficiary’s discomfort;
2. Falling of equipment, accessories from the table or chair;
3. The competitor’s lack of organization in terms of how to apply the utensils, accessories;
4. Oil spills on the floor, on the table or on the protective equipment of the bed and the beneficiary;
5. The contestant interrupting contact with the beneficiary during the switch of techniques, rhythm, way of applying the oil in an intermediate phase of the massage;
6. The towel, sheet falling from the beneficiary during the maneuvers;
7. Applying a larger amount of oil to the massaged area that does not correspond to the purpose of the techniques in the category in which they are competing;
8. A facial expression that expresses uncontrolled emotions;
9. Abundantly sweating on the beneficiary;
10. Not protecting the privacy of the model;
11. Failure to comply with the schedule regarding the start of the rounds;
12. If competitor has an inappropriate outfit regarding personal hygiene.


1. Each competitor can participate in 1 or 2 categories.
2. Participants must wear sports equipment (sports shoes, sweatpants, t-shirt, etc.)
3. Participants bring towels, sheets, accessories and other necessary equipment specific to the category for which they are competing, both for the therapy performed and for the creation of the ambient framework.
4. Register and pay the participation fee.
5. To choose their model from among the participants within a category.
6. All participants must both give and receive massage. If necessary, the organizers will provide models for particular cases.
7. To accept feedback from the model regarding the performance required for evaluation by the jury.
8. Filming and photography is not allowed during the competition.
9. No disputes are made.

Rules for registration

1. We will comply with the laws in force from the respective moment.

2. We will inform you in good time about all the information about how you will participate in the championship.

Rules for the model

1. The model will permanently wear underwear throughout the massage.
2. For their own safety, female models must not be on their monthly period.
3. For their own safety, female models must not be pregnant.
4. The model must accept the consultation and anamnesis by the competitor during the period designated by the organizers.

Participant disqualification criteria

1. Touching the intimate areas of the model.
2. Use of foul language.
3. Disturbance of the peace in the venue where the round takes place.
4. Participant is intoxicated.
5. Using chiropractic techniques within the round.

Obligations of the organizers

1. The organizer provides suitable spaces for the rounds with access to utilities, sanitary facilities, wardrobe.
2. The organizer provides the participants with an adjustable folding massage bed and a small table (chair for storing utensils, accessories).
3. The organizer provides materials and consumables for disinfecting surfaces and hands to combat and spread Covid-19.
4. The organizer provides participation diplomas, medals for the podium as well as prizes in products offered by the sponsors of the event.